Ji Yu Dao Training Center in Beijing, China is a martial arts and fitness club which offers judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (judo ground grappling fought under a different rule set made popular in Brazil), boxing, and strength and conditioning exercises. Founded by former Chinese national judo team athlete Wang Fan and Li Yang, we bring the first judo club to the Beijing Yi Zhuang district. We offer a clean and safe training environment for those who want to learn and train judo. With our professional training background, we strive to give our members a professional approach in learning. We have two locations:

The covid19 situation is stable in Beijing. We are operating normally.

Main location: near the edge of the south-east corner of the Fifth Ring, right off the Yi Zhuang Culture Park subway stop. It is inside Linkin Park mixed residential and commercial Area B (near the parking lot underground).

Beijing CBD International Golf Club location: Opened in early 2019, it is between the 4th and 5th Ring East roads, and immediately north to the Jingha Expressway. This is one of the premier gold courses in Beijing, about 10 minutes from the business center by car. With over 200 square meters of mat space and modern interior design, this is the biggest private judo club in Beijing.

We welcome foreign judo players to come and train with us.

Ji Yu Dao Judo BJJ Club students in front of club


几于道(柔道会所)由国家男子柔道队主力选手国家运动健将王返、李杨联合创办。教练员有北京柔道队运动员和国家队退役的专业运动员组成,是一所集培训、健身、修身一体的专业柔道场所。    柔道是通过合理的技术,破坏对手的重心,借力用力把对手摔倒并制服的一项格斗技。柔道十分注重礼节和内涵,锻炼人们的精神意志,加强自信心,以及警觉和应变能力。 在强身健体的同时要向大家传达的是,把练习柔道的心得和体会带到平时的工作和生活中去,这样才能提高我们的个人修为和思想境界。 “精力善用,自他共荣。”体会 道 的真正内涵. 看几于道柔道表演短片


Wang Fan - began training judo in 1999. He graduated from Beijing Sport University. He was a former member of the national team of China and an elite athlete. He was the champion of 2006 China National Club Cup at -66kg and took third place at the 2005 Chinese Wrestling Championships at -74kg.

Li Yang - began training judo in 1996 and is a graduate of Beijing Sport University. He was a two-time national champion at -66kg at the China National Championships, in 2006 and 2008, respectiely. He has also won a silver medal at the 2009 World Cup in Appia, Samoa, at -66kg. He is currently the head coach for Beijing women's judo team at Beijing Sport School in Mu Xu Yuan.

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Students stretching on the mat inside Ji Yu Dao judo dojo
Students stretching on the mat inside Ji Yu Dao judo dojo


主道馆地址: 北京亦庄经济技术开发区 林肯公园B区南下沉商业113号


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