About Ji Yu Dao
Central Business District (CDB) International Golf Club Location

Ji Yu Dao (Beijing) at the CBD International Gold Club location is its second location opened in early 2019. It is between the 4th and 5th Ring East roads, and immediately north to the Jingha Expressway. This is one of the premier golf courses in Beijing, about 10 minutes from the business center by car. With over 200 square meters of mat space and modern interior design, this is the biggest private judo club in Beijing.

Beijing CBD International Gold Club House - Ji Yu Dao judo club is located inside
Ji Yu Dao's second location is located inside this club house at the Beijing CBD International Golf Club

Our instructors are highly qualified in their respective sport. Most of our judo instructors were elite athletes from the Beijing judo team or the China national team. Head instructor Yang Li also works as the head judo coach to the Beijing women's judo team. Our philosophy is to make judo more accessible to the population which is non-professional athletes; to teach the philosophy of judo, help children to achieve more self-discipline, confidence, respect, skilled and become stronger physically. For adults judo can still be a very useful self-defense martial art, as well as a great way to stay in shape.

While judo is the primary focus, there are also Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), which is derived from judo ground work; MMA; and strength and conditioning. The grappling area is over 200 square meters and the adjcent room is dedicated to strength and conditioning exercises.

We offer classes for students from age three and above. Below is a map of our location. To learn more about how to access it, please visit the contact page.

Ji Yu Dao Judo Club Beijing CBD Golf Club Map
Ji Yu Dao second location (CBD) is indicated by the arrow balloon in blue. Click to enlarge the map


 Over 200 square meters of mat space at the Beijing Ji Yu Dao CBD Golf Club location
More than 200 square meters of mat space at the CBD Golf Club location

地址: 北京亦庄经济技术开发区林肯公园B区南下沉商业113号


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