Main Dojo / 主道馆 地址:


Address: Beijing, Yi Zhuang, Linkin Park B Area, South parking level business #113

GPS (approximate): 39.806364, 116.496507

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If you are taking the Yi Zhuang (亦庄)subway line and get off at 亦庄文化园 (Yi Zhuang Cultural Park) walk across the street, go to the area to your left. That is Linkin Park B area, also known as 2nd area (林肯公园二区)

You have to go inside the park area surrounded by buildings, keep walking and look for it on the ground floor beneath you. Otherwise, enter from the south parking garage, and it is on the same level of the parking garage.

Beijing CBD International Golf Club Dojo / CBD 高尔夫球场道馆 地址:


Address: Beijing, Chaoyang District, Gao Bei Dian Lu 99

GPS (approximate): 39.872541, 116.520375

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This dojo is opened in 2019 and located inside the club house of the Beijing CBD International Gold Club. The gold course is situated between the East 5th ring and East 4th ring roads, and just north of the Jingha Expressway. You will find sign pointing to it once you enter the club house. You do not need to be a member of the golf club to enter. As the subway Line 7 is not in operation yet, you will need to drive or take a taxi here.

English speaking: Mr. Abraham Ren, cell phone: 13501104915

Chinese speaking: Mr. Fan Wang, cell phone: 13911510040

WeChat: jiyudaofan / QQ: 1875120622

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地址: 北京亦庄经济技术开发区林肯公园B区南下沉商业113号


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